R.I.P. The Daily Jolt

April 6, 2010 - 83 Responses

After ten years of serving the community, The Daily Jolt is passing the torch to a group that has built a similar site to support the college experience.

Another group of students from the Amherst region have created a similar site called CampusLive.  You can find your school at www.campuslive.com.  We know that you can use this site to connect, share, find food, and procrastinate as you have for years on The Daily Jolt.

Please let the CampusLive team know what you think about their site and what you would want to see to support your needs as a community.  They are a good group of young, ambitious recent college graduates looking to provide the best campus homepage.

It has been a great run and we appreciate what you have done to push colleges to recognize the value of supporting the campus community over these past 10 years!

We have a had a lot of fun, enjoyed your banter, and enjoyed your support!


The Daily Jolt

P.S. Please feel free to leave your well wishes and comments about the legacy of The Daily Jolt by clicking “Response” above!